New Apple Store in the middle of Tokyo

Apple has announced the opening of its fifth Apple Store in Tokyo. The new store will open in Apple Marunouchi near Tokyo Station.

Near Tokyo Station

Apple Marunouchi is about a 3-minute walk from Tokyo Station and a 5-minute walk to the Imperial Palace where many tourists visit. The neighborhood of the store is an office district, but this Apple Store is supposed to capture people who visit Tokyo for sightseeing as well as those who work there.

Apple Marunouch

Apple Marunouchi will open at 10:00 am on September 7. With the opening of this store, five Apple Stores will open in Tokyo. However, there are 30 million people living around Tokyo, and it is estimated that there are millions of iPhone users.

Tokyo Station

In addition to the large number of iPhone users living around Tokyo, it is impossible to undertake repairs and support for foreigners visiting Tokyo at five stores. Apple is still expected to build new stores around Tokyo.


Marunouchi area, where the new Apple Store opens, is one of the leading office districts in Japan. The headquarters of trading companies, real estate companies, electrical manufacturers, insurance companies, etc. are crowded. These companies currently operate as separate companies, but their roots are also the same corporate group.

Iwasaki Yataro
Iwasaki Yataro

Mitsubishi Joint Stock Company, established as a shipping company 130 years ago, has gradually expanded into all industries in Japan, becoming a wealthy monopoly. It was the beginning of Marunouchi that Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of the conglomerate, developed this land.

Imperial Moat and Marunouchi Building Street

Although Marunouchi was near the Imperial Palace at the time of purchase, it was not the center of Tokyo but a vast wasteland. After that, the headquarters of many Mitsubishi Group companies were set up here and became the cornerstone of the current development. The newly opened Apple Marunouchi is on the first floor of a commercial facility owned by the Mitsubishi Group.

In Marunouchi, there are tens of thousands of people working in the daytime, but there are 20 people living in this area because there are no house in this area.