Sending Obscene Images with AirDrop

Japanese commuter trains are very crowded. For this reason, it is difficult to detect obscene acts on the train, resulting in frequent damage to molesters. There is also a survey that more than 60% of adult women have ever suffered from molesting. There are many molester victims and molesters in Japan.

New Molester

This time, the pervert damage caused by trains in the Kyushu region does not involve physical actions such as contact. The criminal used iPhone’s AirDrop feature to send obscene photos to strangers on the train and enjoyed watching the reaction. The woman who received an unpleasant photo looked around, found a suspicious man, followed it, caught it, and handed it over to the police.


Photo : Nikkan SPA

The 37-year-old man who sent the photo was prosecuted for allegedly using AirDrop to violate the “Annoyance Rules”. If guilty of trial, the man will be imprisoned with forced labor for less than a year or fined up to one million yen.

Measures against immature molester

It is said that the biggest cause of the pervert is the crowded train that makes it difficult to detect. For this reason, some railway companies set up women-only vehicles during busy hours. However, if a perpetrator of molesting is found, he wants to escape in the crowd. As a result, the train schedule is frequently disturbed by the escape of the perpetrator (entering the track).

The perpetrators who run away are often involved in accidents, and in some cases they die by falling from an overpass or colliding with a train. Such incidents occur frequently in Tokyo and are rarely featured in television news programs.

Many Japanese are ashamed of the spread of molesters.