Japan will soon enter 10 consecutive holidays

Special holidays (the day of the April 30 abduction day, the day of the May 1 throne day) will be added as the new emperor will be throne on May 1, 2019. Originally there are many holidays during this period, and as a result, in Japan from April 27 to May 9 become holidays.

tennou and his family

Bank closed

Japan is different from Europe, retail stores are open even on Sunday. Therefore, department stores, supermarkets and convenience stores will operate as usual even during the 10 consecutive holidays. Of course there are almost no problems with sightseeing as the hotel and the airport are open as usual.

Night view of Sukiya-bashi intersection

The financial services of banks and post offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and closed for 10 consecutive holidays. Recently, convenience stores have ATMs, and cash withdrawals from bank accounts can be made on holidays. However, there is concern that cash shortage will occur in the second half of the consecutive holidays because cash will not be replenished at ATMs on holidays. There are many stores and transportation facilities that can not use credit cards in Tokyo, and it is pointed out that a lack of cash leads to many inconveniences.

Expected to expand consumption

It is said that the government deliberately decided the Emperor’s throne day to be 10 consecutive holidays so as to trigger economic recovery. The long holidays and celebrations of the Emperor’s throne, the government hopes that the people will enjoy traveling and spend a lot of money for shopping and eating out.


Photo (Rob Hooft)

However, about 40% of the people answered the questionnaire that they would not go anywhere for 10 consecutive holidays, and it is highly likely that the government could not do it. Also, many of the workers work on an hourly basis and pay no salary on holidays. As a result, it is feared that salaries in May will be lower than usual.

The government is desperate to move up the economy somehow at big events such as the new emperor, Tokyo Olympics, and the Osaka Expo, but it is not likely to go well.