Crisis surviving on the 2nd Shortest Railway in Japan

Ueno Zoological Garden in Tokyo has the second shortest railroad in Japan. This railroad is suspended monorail, the business distance is 300 m and it is the second shortest in Japan. This monorail is in danger of survival.

Ueno monorail

Photo taken by PekePON

Beyond useful life

Suspended monorail is also very rare in Japan, and specially manufactured vehicles are used for sales of 300m connecting the East Ueno Zoological Gardens to the West Garden. In order for this vehicle to become obsolete and to continue operation it is necessary to renew the vehicle within 2019. However, the cost of renewing the vehicle can not be drawn up, and this route is expected to be abolished.

As shown in the above video, since the monorail is running on the road outside the park with some of the ones running in the zoo, it conforms to Japanese law (Local Railway Law), not as a vehicle in the park It is operated as a railway.

Ueno Zoo

The Ueno Zoo, located in Ueno, Tokyo, is a representative zoo in Japan. Although it is not so large as a zoo, a wide variety of animals are raised, valuable animals are carefully raised due to the preservation of species, and they are observed and studied for their prosperity.

The National Museum of Western Art

Ueno Zoo is also famous for its exhibition of panda, many visitors come to see the panda. There are museums, museums and art universities in the surroundings, and areas are known as cultural places. The building of the Western Art Museum next to the Ueno Zoo is the only world cultural heritage in Tokyo as designed by Le Corbusier.