Ninja wants to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics

A group of famous Ninja families engaged in intelligence activities offered to the prime minister to attend the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The group of ninja surpassed the security of the Prime Minister’s official residence, and the documents of the offer were submitted in a traditional scroll.

Asahi Shinbun

Asahi Shinbun

History of Ninja

Japan experienced a period of warfare where small military service groups fight from 1000 years ago to 400 years ago. Armed groups were connected by blood relations and master-slave relationship, and were repeatedly skirmished with neighboring groups. A number of job category groups served this army group. For example, it is a group that creates weapons, a group that teaches martial arts, a group that has civil engineering technology, and one of them also includes groups that perform intelligence activities.


These groups also maintained a strong unity through kinship and fringe. Especially ninja with many secret behaviors lived in a place far from the city and kept its position by teaching intelligence technology only to close relatives. Among these ninja groups, the Iga Ninja and the Koka Ninja who served Tokugawa Ieyasu who had flattened the period of long warfare became famous, and became the source of the ninja that many people envision.

The Peaceful age

The peace that Tokugawa Ieyasu built was the mechanism that governs the area’s daimyo with overwhelming force with the Edo shogunate as the top. Ninja was given the role of secretly monitoring whether the Daimyo is faithful to the shogunate, and it became existence that supports power from behind.


But the times have progressed, the provinces have become governed by governors appointed to the government. Ninja is now useful as a tourism resource of the birthplace of Iga Ninja, Koka Ninja.

Submission of Ninja participation request to this Olympic Games is also an activity as tourism promotion in the Iga district. The prime minister commented, “Everyone is flashy to come through the strict security of the official residence.”

Although the construction of the main stadium is underway at a rapid pace to host the Tokyo Olympic Games, there are many requests to include propaganda and industrial promotion for this regional revitalization in the stadium, and the construction cost is initially planned We are not on the street.