Arrested young man rampant in Shibuya on Halloween night

Halloween is getting established in Japan. But Halloween being held in the USA and Halloween in Japan are very different. Children receive costumes from adults at a nursery school or elementary school and do a costumes, but adults enjoy Halloween more violently.


Young people rampage in town

On the evening of Halloween night, the downtown area of Japan falls into a great chaos. Especially Shibuya’s Halloween gathers a lot of people in a costumed manner, drinks alcohol and makes fuss in the city. Every year, some excited young people rampage and destroy the city. This year’s Halloween escalated excitement, it began to make noise as it destroyed the small trucks passed by a lot.

The police severely observed this situation and detained the four young people involved in the destruction. Authorities will also trial dozens of people involved in this fuss. Foreign tourists are also included among people who are arbitrarily asked about the circumstances.

Utilizing monitoring camera

The video posted on SNS was used to identify the person who destroyed the compact track. The police analyzed all surrounding surveillance cameras and tracked them to their home, where the persons in the videos posted on the SNS went after the fuss.

One of them who was detained was living in a place more than 100 km away from Shibuya but still succeeded in identifying the people by connecting the images of the surveillance cameras. Many Japanese people who thought the police could only use the old investigation method were surprised by the capabilities of this police.

The police are relatively tolerant

Japanese police are relatively tolerant of young people making noise in the streets. Even if young people gather in a crowd and drink alcohol on the street and give out loud, the police do not do much to break up the rallies. The police emphasize young people enjoying the events in the city while creating an environment that can protect the order.

When the Japanese national team play an active part in the football World Cup, a lot of young people are fussing out to the town, but at this time as long as the minimum rules are kept, the police will not caught some illegal acts. A lot of young people gather at the scrambled intersection in Shibuya and make a big noise, but the police will never stop this thing itself.