Constructed a new station in downtown Tokyo

In Tokyo there is a railroad connecting the city center in a ring. A train will be operated every two minutes when there are many, and a new station will be on the super overcrowded route. The new station was built between Shinagawa station and Tamachi station, and its name was decided today.

yamanote line

Takanawa gateway station

Shinagawa station is famous as a station with a lot of users in Tokyo, and it is considered that the new station is effective for resolving the crowd. The new station was named Takanawa gateway station from place name and history. About Origin JR East chose to contribute to the development of the entire town as a new station connects past and future, Japan and the world, and many people.

The New Vehcle (Photo : Rsa)

The station opens in the spring of 2020 and responds to the many visitors coming at the Tokyo Olympic Games. By the way, the current Shinagawa station is heavily congested, and in the commuting time the figure that so many people head to work is also a specialty. The video below is taken from Blue Bottle Coffee at Shinagawa Station.

This place is now also a sightseeing spot to see Tokyo’s crowd.

Yamanote line

The Yamanote line connecting Tokyo in a ring shape began construction from 1875, gradually becoming connected to the ring, and in 1925 the present shape is completed. From there, transportation power has been increased with the development of Tokyo, and new vehicles have been introduced.


It is almost impossible for ordinary workers to purchase detached houses inside the Yamanote line because it is also a status to live inside the Yamanote line in Tokyo. Besides that, the Yamanote line stations (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa etc.) each form a big city and transmit culture.

The Yamanote line is also a symbol of the prosperity of Tokyo and Japan.