Shibuya Intersection Dominated by the police

If the national team wins the World Cup of football, it will be a festival in Japan. Especially at the famous scrambled intersection in Shibuya, many young people share joy and become confused every time.


Keep order by the police

The Japanese national team of football topped the group cup of the World Cup and advanced to the finals tournament. The national team game is broadcasted on TV, and its audience rating exceeds 50%. It is no exaggeration to say that Japan as a whole supports the soccer team. If that Japanese team wins, Japanese people who do not express much pleasure usually go out into town and be delighted.

In order to share pleasure with the scramble intersection of Tokyo Shibuya and Osaka Ebisu Bridge, many young people gather and make fuss until the evening breaks. However, recently the turbulence caused by the fuss became severe, and intervention by the police was normal. Police officers will not stop being pleased in the city, but crack down against being violent in disorder.

The above movie is an image of the scrambled intersection of Shibuya after Japan decide to advance to the finals tournament. Even though it is usually able to cross obliquely, oblique crossing was prohibited by the police to prevent traffic from being interrupted by confusion. Nevertheless, young people trying to intrude into the intersection are forcibly excluded.

Crimes also occur frequently

When the soccer team wins, it is famous that Shibuya falls into a great disorder. Through this confusion, pickpockets and obscene acts rampant. The wallet is stolen in the fuss. The woman is also touching the body with an unknown person. The newspaper reports that a row of police boxes was made in order to appeal crime victims after the fuss ceased this time.

However, the next opponent of the Japanese team is the Belgian team and it is considered to be very difficult to win. The festival in Shibuya, the next is expected to be four years after.