A Big Earthquake hit Osaka JAPAN

A big earthquake occurred in Osaka on June 18 morning. Osaka is the second largest city after Tokyo in Japan, and about 20 million people live in the area where the earthquake occurred. The scale is smaller than the earthquakes that occurred in Kobe and Sendai, although there were no major collapse of the houses or damage caused by the tsunami, there were also victims.


Electricity, Gas, Water Supply, Railway

Due to the earthquake that occurred in the morning, all the railroads around Osaka have canceled driving. In addition, power outages occurred at 170,000 units, and economic activity in Osaka has been stopped. Moreover, the supply network of gas was cut off, and the water pipe was damaged everywhere. For this reason daily life in the afflicted area is also in a difficult state.


The epicenter of the earthquake of this time is very close to the earthquake 23 years ago which put out more than 6,000 victims. It is unknown whether only two earthquakes are related. In addition, the earthquake of this time seems to be different from the occurrence mechanism from the big earthquake which hit Japan seven years ago.

The bullet train is also a big mess

Shinkansen stopped operating between Okayama and Mihara from immediately after the 18th earthquake. There is no prospect of recovery and the Japanese Shinkansen famous for scheduled operation is in great confusion. Also, many passengers are left behind in the train of the bullet train which stopped emergency between the stations.

Passengers left behind in the car can not use the toilet because the water is limited and only have to wait for rescue in a situation where the air conditioner is ineffective because of power outage. But there is no prospect of when rescue will start.


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