Workers in Tokyo can work at Subway Stations

Tokyo is a busy city. Eight million workers in Tokyo work early in the morning and work late into the night. A perfect workspace has developed for office workers in Tokyo without time.

1.2 square meters office

The subway running in Tokyo like a spider web is crowded with people working in Tokyo. A small small rental office is set up at this subway station. The workspace area is about 1.2 square meters (13 square feet), it is installed with a chair and desk, you can use LCD monitor, power supply and Wi-Fi.


Reservation is done from smartphone before use, and it becomes a mechanism that can be unlocked by the smartphone as a key if time comes. Experiments were conducted at two places until June, and after that the location will be increased. Tokyo office workers who do not have time are expected to be useful as it becomes possible to create materials anywhere.

The above video was taken at a place where a complicated Tokyo subway and railway network are seen. The red train is the Marunouchi Subway Line, which is one of the subway lines with the most users in Tokyo.

Starbucks is used for work

In Starbucks and McDonalds in Tokyo, power supply and free Wi – Fi are installed in most shops. You can do office work at these stores, but the surroundings are noisy. Also you do not know who is around. In addition, information may be leaked, leaving personal computers and materials in the store. For this reason, some companies prohibit work at these stores under internal rules.


From the viewpoint of preventing secret leakage workspace installed at the subway station may be worthwhile. Indeed, in cafes and fast food shops, we can easily listen to the company internal information of workers in neighboring offices. Sometimes employment interviews are held at Starbucks, so you can see interactions with tense entrants and interviewers.