Prime Minister Abe is Struggling

Prime Minister Abe, who met with President Trump, suffers from a decline in popularity in the country. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has maintained a high level of approval rating for five years but in recent months allegations concerning himself and his wifes suspicions as well as high-level bureaucracy scandals have overlapped, the support rate has fallen to the 30% level.

Houses of Parliament

The Opposing Opposition party

The ruling party that supports Prime Minister Abe occupies two thirds of the seats in parliament and should be able to manage the administration very stably. However, due to the recent unpopularity of Prime Minister, the voice of Prime Minister Abe desire to resign within the ruling party is beginning to appear. To respond to this voice, opposition parties are increasingly criticizing Prime Minister Abe, and it is believed that the prime ministers position can not be maintained for so long.

LDP headquarters

LDP headquarters

When Prime Minister Abe lowered the support rate, there was a tendency to fuel the people when the danger of attack by North Korea is approaching. He has repeatedly backed up the crisis in the past several times and has restored the support rate, but this time it became impossible to use this tactics because North Korea is strengthening its attitude towards dialogue this time.

Reset by Election

Also, when Prime Minister Abe is driven into a dilemma, he often dissented the National Assembly and passed criticism. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was fortunate because opposition parties, which are opposing forces, were weak and the ruling parties always secured stable seats in the elections, and they were getting out of trouble. However, the previous election was October of last year and it is not realistic to dissolve the parliament for five years.

The above movie is the time when Prime Minister Abe backed up the candidate at the previous election. In the election of Japan, we often make a stage on a large car and speech on it.


With Abe losing its foundation in Japan, Prime Minister Abe met with President Trump. Prime Minister Abe has a strong tendency to easily accept the request of President Trump, and many people are worried that they make promises that are detrimental to Japan. Japanese politics is about to fall into an unstable period again.