the New Japanese word, SHACHIKU (An employee like a livestock)

April 1st is the year that the new year begins in Japan. A new student enters the school, and many new recruits enter the company. Many of the people who joined in April will suffer from the closed and stuffy corporate culture peculiar to Japan.

new rerute


Japanese workers were often referred to as SALALY MAN. However, because of the prolonged economic downturn, paying much less money, the masochistic nomenclature has become established as an Internet slang. That is SHACHIKU.

over time

SHA means companies, organizations, groups, and CHIKU are animals. It means a person like a livestock that is kept in a company. Every day SHACHIKU commute by crowded train, work early in the morning and work late into the night, salary is low, and there are few breaks. The harsh labor environment spread and the word SHACHIKU was born.

Commuting HELL

Congestion of a commuter train is famous, not only within trains, but also the station becomes crowded every day. Large crowds have been repeated every day since several decades, and some call it a Commuting HELL because of the severity of the situation. Recently, that crowd became a famous thing of Tokyo, and it became a sightseeing spot.

The above video is the scenery of the morning commuting time of Shinagawa station. This scenery can be seen from the counter seat of the blue bottle coffee at the station.

The above video is a ticket gate of Seibu Shinjuku station. This ticket gate is small in Shinjuku station, but still many people are traveling. This view can be seen from the Starbucks Seibu Shinjuku Shop.