Narita Airport like a Race Course

There are two international airports around Tokyo. One is Haneda airport made by landfilling Tokyo Bay, and many domestic routes are in service. And the other is Narita airport which is responsible for the departure and arrival of international routes. The history of Narita Airport is complicated and its complexity is engraved on a winding complicated guideway.

narita airport

Narita airport and opponents

As Haneda Airport became tameless, a new airport was needed near Tokyo. The Japanese government actively promoted the airport construction without obtaining the consent of landowners, and opposed activities against airport construction became vigorous. Initially it was an oppo site activity with the support of left-wing political parties, but as time went by, it became sharp, and some of opponent farmers got backed by terrorist organizations.


The terrorist activities targeted not only destruction activities to the airport but also civil servants who undertake land acquisition procedures. Therefore, the opposite movement gradually lost support of society.



In addition to violent opposition campaigns, opposition activists with land in the airport site are also continuing activities to refuse land acquisition. Because of that, even now it is surrounded by the airport premises, and many opponent bases are dotted. A guideway has been constructed to avoid this base, and a state in which a new runway can not be constructed continues for a long time.

The meandering and complicated guideway tells the complex history of Narita Airport.

Internationalization of Haneda and Narita Airport

Another large airport in Tokyo is Haneda airport where domestic flights depart and arrive. In recent years, Haneda Airport has become to accept international routes, and has gained a position as a convenient international airport close to Tokyo. Many direct flights with many users are already in service, such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Honolulu, Seoul and Shanghai.

As a result, the convenience of Narita Airport, which is far away from the city center, is relatively declining, and it is essential to organize the base of the opponents, to shorten the taxiway and further increase the runway. However, the plan is still in an uncertain state.