Apple Store will soon be at Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the biggest cities in Japan. The block area spreads around huge stations, and offices, department stores, movie theaters, entertainment districts, schools, hospitals, government agencies and so on line up. Here is the eighth Apple Store in Japan.


The number of users of Shinjuku Station reaches 3.47 million

The center of the city of Shinjuku is Shinjuku Station. Users of this gigantic station reached 3.74 million people per day, and of course, it is the number of users in the world. In addition, there are several stations around Shinjuku Station, all of which are connected underground. The total length of the underground shopping area in Shinjuku is 2.7 km. And, of course, the location where Apple Store is opening this time is also connected with Shinjuku station by underground passage.

seibu shinjuku

Apple Shinjuku is the first floor of a commercial facility where fashion brand stores for young people reside. There is a huge department store in front of the Apple Store. Within this department store there is a dealer specialized in Apple Watch operated by Apple.


It is predicted that the opening will be on April 7, and it is expected that many Apple fans will rush.

Shinjuku with various faces

The area where the Apple Store opens this time is an area where many luxury brand shops will also open in Shinjuku. There are also many fashion brand stores for young people, furniture stores and living goods shops in the vicinity, and it is a place full of many people on holidays.

But this is not the only Shinjuku figure. There are areas where there are 300 gay bars densely in a few minutes walk from the Apple Store. There is also a theater that specializes in Japanese traditional comedy (Rakugo) in the neighborhood. There is Kabukicho which is regarded as the most dangerous city in Japan if you walk for about 10 minutes.

Shinjuku is loved not only in luxurious luxury brand shops and big department stores but also in chaos, dangerous fragrance, dubious shops, including all new and old things mixed together.