Spring comes to Tokyo

Temperatures in Tokyo will rise in March and cherry blossoms will bloom in the city. The flowering time of cherry blossoms is announced every year by the Japan Meteorological Agency, and Ohanami (Cherry-blossom viewing party) is held accordingly.

Cherry blossoms flowering on 18th

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo are expected to begin to bloom on March 18. Because of this prediction, the Japan Meteorological Agency is analyzing data on maximum and minimum temperatures and sunshine hours. As the cherry blossoms start to bloom, it will be in full bloom in about a week, and it will start to scatter in about a week.

Japanese love cherry blossoms, but the time to enjoy cherry blossoms is very short. It is a custom of Japan to open an ohanami party in the short time. In big parks and cherry blossom spots holidays are crowded with parties from morning.

The Japanese are tolerant of drinking, especially during the cherry blossom viewing period, drinking is permitted in public places. Some people are drunk, but the police never get cracked down.

Standard tree

If the cherry blossoms bloom in each city, the Japan Meteorological Agency will issue a flowering declaration. Cherry blossoms as standards are decided in advance in cities in Japan, and it is said that cherry blossoms have bloomed in that area if 5 to 6 rings of flowers bloom on that tree. The standard tree in Tokyo is a specific cherry blossom tree in Yasukuni Shrine premises. Every day the staff of the Meteorological Agency goes to check the flower blooming condition.

The TV station also takes pictures of places where the officials of the Meteorological Agency observe the cherry blossoms and tries to shoot the officials declaring that they bloomed. And this staff’s remarks will be broadcast on night prime time news programs. It is so strong that the Japanese are waiting for the day when cherry blossoms are blooming.