$ 500 million cryptographic currency was stolen

Japan is now an unprecedented cryptographic currency trading boom. Besides bit coins, various cryptographic currencies are actively traded, and those who gained a lot of profits are talking about. In such a situation, the encryption currency was stolen from a small exchange with 70 employees. The total amount is said to exceed 500 million dollars.


Price transition of NEM

The president of 27 years old

The stolen $ 500 million worth of encryption currency (NEM) is a small company that operates the exchange called Coincheck. The president is 27 years old, the number of employees is 70 people and it is talking about the fact that the company was young compared to the damage scale.

President of Coincheck

And this little company surprised people further. The coin check announced that it will deposit the cryptographic currency at the company and compensate for the damages to victims illegally drawn almost entirely. The compensation amount was announced to reach 400 million dollars, but it is supposed to cover all of this with its own funds.

It is unthinkable in Japan that young companies can prepare as much as $ 400 million in cash on their own funds, surprising many people (some people think that of course they are unreal). That means that the commission income earned by the transaction of encryption currency was large.

Based in Shibuya

Japanese people are said to be weak at startup. People who graduate with university excellent grades choose the way to employees of large companies and senior bureaucrats. The most elite in Japan is to graduate from the University of Tokyo law department and enter the Treasury Department.

Such Japan has recently changed a little. Although the company president of the company stolen the encryption currency once worked at a big company, he quickly chose the way of entrepreneurship and became the president of a company that can prepare hundreds of millions of dollars at the age of 25. Such a young and healthy company often headquartered in Shibuya.

But no one knows why Shibuya is.