Huge staircase at Kyoto station

Many tourists visit Kyoto every year. There are huge stairs at Kyoto station most of the tourists use.


Height difference 30 m

There are 171 steps in the stairway at Kyoto station, and the height difference reaches 30 meters (about 100 feet). It is rare in Japan that this stairway of high height continues straight. Most tourists try to climb with a big bag, but they will give up on the way and use the escalator. This staircase is decorative and you can easily reach the top floor using elevators and escalators.

southan kyoto

From the top floor of Kyoto Station you can see the scenery of the southern part of Kyoto City, you can see the famous Buddhist temple tower and Nintendo headquarters. But in the southern part of Kyoto City housing developments progressed, old city streets can not be seen from this place. In addition, the southern part of Kyoto City is part of the vast plain leading up to Osaka, and you can not see the autumn leaves and snowfall that is like Kyoto.

Race held on the stair

Every year, the race competing in how many seconds you can climb the big staircase of Kyoto station height difference of 30 meters is opened. Four people will enter a team in the race. The team members must be 18 years old and over, and one team must have 45 or over and one woman in the team. Team warfare competes with the total time of four people, at the same time individuals also compete for recording.

Personal record is about 22 seconds and competitors who trained each year entered a lot to compete for the victory. The winning products are pretty gorgeous, such as gift certificates for 100,000 yen, travel tickets, and one high-end tuna. However, many participants other than some elite athletes are participating in the festival held annually instead of participating for the product.