December is the season of illumination in Tokyo

Illuminations are displayed in Tokyo in December. Tens of thousands of small LED lights are attached to street trees in Tokyo, and many people take a picture taking a picture.


Illumination at Shibuya is Blue Cave

In Shibuya, one of the biggest downtown streets in Tokyo, countless blue LEDs are decorated in the trees. Following the decorated trees, there is an illumination that imaged a blue cave ahead. Here, many people take a commemorative photo shoot, it is a specialty of Shibuya in December.

The above movie is its blue cave. The left and right street trees are lit blue for several hundred meters, and people passing through here remember the illusion that they truly wandered into the cave

Red and White at Roppongi

Roppongi located in midtown is also famous for illumination. It is held every year as part of promotion of Samsung Electronics which has a Japanese branch office in the vicinity and it is also a specialty of Roppongi in December. Roppongi illumination changes red and white lighting at regular intervals.

The above movie was taken of illumination from the pedestrian bridge in Roppongi. Many people take a commemorative photo shoot because this place allows you to see the Tokyo Tower and the illumination at once.


Illumination at Shinjuku

In addition to this, downtown areas in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Shinagawa will be covered with illumination LED lights in December.