The Olympic Games burden on Tokyo

The Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 deviate from the original plan. Although aiming for a compact convention, all the stadiums were scheduled to be in Tokyo, but due to the huge construction cost of the venue, some competitions will be carried out in places more than 100 km away from Tokyo. Also the construction of the main stadium is full of problems.

tokyo olympic

Compressed from 250 billion yen to 150 billion yen

The new National Stadium built in the prime location of Tokyo initially spent 250 billion yen and was supposed to be a stadium like a huge spaceship. This huge construction cost was criticized and redesigned from scratch. Still, the construction cost reached 150 billion yen, and there is concern that this construction cost will be a big burden in the future.

the first plan

the first plan

Also, as the design was returned to a blank sheet, construction of the main stadium has to be hastened. As a result, some workers have suffered severe labor and have already died from overwork. Even so, the construction of the stadium is continued as a project of prestige of Japan.

The above movie is a picture around August 2016. There is nothing in the planned construction site of the stadium.

And the above movie is the picture of November 2017. The skeleton of the stand part has come to be seen and it turns out that it is being built in a hurry.

Difficult to maintain main stadium

Since the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, there is no hope of redeeming expensive construction costs at the stadium management. On the contrary, it is expected that it will not be able to earn annual maintenance costs. Because there is no subtrack around the stadium, it can not be used as a facility for track and field athletics, and after the Olympic Games, it will be renovated to a soccer field.

However, there is no professional team that can fill this stadium in the Japanese football league. It is also a problem whether or not to make the stadium constructed at national expense the home ground of a specific team.

The stadium can not be used as a venue for live concerts. The stadium does not have a roof, so there is concern about noise damage. The annual maintenance cost of a stadium with little use is 2.4 billion yen. However, it is expected to be impossible to earn a usage fee that can cover this.