Tokyo is also beautiful in Autumn

Japanese people are sensitive to the changing seasons. They are pleased with the blooming of the cherry blossoms in the spring, and in the summer they rejoice that the trees leaves green. They admire the beauty of autumn leaves in autumn.


The best time to see in Tokyo is December

There are many parks in Tokyo. The park often has Japanese maple trees planted, and these trees are red leaves from late November to December. Many people stop their feet under the trees trying to take the red leaves as photographs.

The above video is a Japanese maple of a small park in Narima-ku, Shakujii. The surrounding trees are not colored yet, but only the trees of this maple are dyed in red. People take pictures under the trees and enjoy the autumn landscape.

Nature and Transience

Japanese people are sensitive to the seasons shift because the literature that empathizes to the seasonal change from a long time is flourishing. Many of the classical Japanese poetry expresses the flow of time with the flower blooming and fallen leaves, comparing the change of the season to life.

Both the cherry blossoms and the Japanese maple fall shortly after boasting beauty. Japanese often appreciate the short-term beauty and the extinction of its beauty, often overlapping their life. The sentence To make one bloom at the end and Beauty of scattering is often used in Japan.

Autumn leaves in Tokyo


There are many sights of autumnal leaves in Tokyo. Many are charged parks and admission is necessary.

In the city center

Nezu Museum of Art
Tokyo Garden Museum
Koishikawa Korakuen
Hama-rikyu palace

These places are famous autumn leaves attractions.