Alcohol-tolerant country Japan

The Japanese are tolerant of drinking alcohol and getting drunk with alcohol. Japanese people are not constitutional enough to drink so much, but they love drinking.

omoide yokocho

Drinking from daytime

One corner of the downtown area of Tokyo Shinjuku has an area called Omoide Yokocho where old izakaya gather. There is a bar opened at the Omoide Yokocho bar in the morning, and it is crowded with many people. The bar in this area offers alcohol cheaply and many customers are drunk.

As in the movie above, there are many customers in the store that is open from daytime. Recently memories yokocho is supposed to be visited by foreign tourists as a rare scene. It is not just a place to go sightseeing with children.

Free drinking place and time

In Japan, there is a custom to parties under the cherry blossoms in the spring. A lot of sake is offered at this party as well, and the participants get drunk despite being outdoors. Besides that, in Japan it is common to see drinking drinking at the station, park and coast.

A lot of people admit some drinking outdoors, but no one has a good impression on acts that give out loud and drunk. There are few people who only care about drunk people. Therefore, the drinking alcohol rule in Japan is very loose.