Prime Minister Abe dissolved the House of Representatives

On September 28, Prime Minister Abe dissolved the House of Representatives. Japanese parliament system is unique, and the prime minister has the authority to dissolve the House of Representation without consent. Prime Minister exercised his authority to dissolve Congress.

Houses of Parliament

Vote on October 22

The dismissed House of Representatives will decide the members of the elections to be held on October 22. Because the dissolution of this parliament was carried out suddenly to maintain the power of the prime minister, many of the people opposed the elections, and opposition parties who are under prepared are gathered under new leaders and fight against the huge ruling party.

LDP headquarters

The Japanese parliament is currently maintaining the biggest power by the LDP, which was formed under the support of the CIA. The grandson of Nobusuke Kishi, funded directly from the CIA, is the president of LDP and is the prime minister of Japan. To support the huge ruling party, emerging religious political parties are participating in the ruling party.

It is a constitution of parliament which can not be thought of as an advanced country, but it is a member of a parliament democratically elected by the direct election of Japanese citizens. It is rare for Japanese people to wonder the state that the political parties established by foreign government intervention have the greatest influence.

The center of the new forces is governor of Tokyo

Last year, Ms. Yuriko Koike, who was elected Tokyo Governor, established a national political party just before the dissolution of the parliament and gathered many opposition lawmakers. Ultimately it is expected that most of the opposition party, the DPP, will join the political party of Ms. Koike and the election in October is considered to be the confrontation between Prime Minister Abe and Ms. Koike.

Koike Yuriko

Tokyo Governer Ms. Koike

If Ms. Koike forces are a majority in Congress, she will be nominated as Prime Minister in the House of Representatives and will be the first femail prime minister in Japan.

Many people expect the first female prime minister to be born, but there are many criticisms for winning the governor last year and becoming a member of the Diet soon.

Therefore, the way of the elections is fluctuating.