Sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus begin in Tokyo

On September 22, the sale of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus has started from 8 am in the morning. At Apple Omotesando in Tokyo, it crowded with a lot of media and iPhone fans who made a queue.

iPhone 8

Many Apple Watch purchasers

The iPhone 8 is said to have few reservations due to the influence of iPhone X which is on sale after this. Certainly, even at Apple Omotesando many of those who are at the top of the queue were customers who purchased Apple Watch Series 3.Of course some people buy the iPhone 8, others buy both, but it got a calm release day than usual.

Guests lined up in front of the store are guided to the store from 8 am and are welcomed by the store staff with high touch. However, because the inside of the store does not lead to only about 10 people at a time, so as not to get crowded, it is lacking in excitement.

Japanese users also wait for iPhone X

It is said that there are not many reservations for iPhone 8 worldwide, but it is the same in Japan. At the Apple Online Store, inventory is secured enough to ship in two or three days from ordering, which shows that many people are waiting for iPhone X.

apple omotesando

The iPhone X is expected to have fewer supplies, and reservations are likely to be very difficult. As a result, iPhone X release date is thought to make Apple Omotesando fall into confusion beyond today.