ARkit of iOS 11 consolidates the map of Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku station is the station with the most passengers in the world and at the same time it is a station with huge space in the basement. There are restaurants and retail shops in the basement and are connected with many aisles. This complicated subsurface structure is reproduced as a 3D map easy to understand by ARkit of iOS 11.

shinjuku station

3.7 million people use on the day

Shinjuku station is connected with multiple stations by underground passage, the whole is a big station. Total users of all the connected stations will be super-mega stations that 3.7 million people use on a daily basis. This number is, of course, the largest number in the world, the number of users seven times that of Paris Gare du Nord station, which has the largest number of passengers at the station other than Japan.

Shinjuku station is a complex of two or more stations, and the stations are connected by an underground passage so that it is like an underground labyrinth. Even people living in Tokyo for many years often get lost in the basement of Shinjuku station. Of course there are few people who can understand this by looking at a three-dimensional map using ARkit.

The above video is a movie that moved about 1 km only in the basement. There are complicated intersections of underground passages, as in moving pictures, stores are lined up, and many people go and go. This sight can be seen only in Tokyo.

The railway in Tokyo is highly developed

The subway is convenient to move through the city of Tokyo. Also, railroads are convenient for going to a place that is a little far away, and each is operated very exactly on time. The accurate time train is also said to be a symbol of Japan.


Tokyo railway network has been undergoing maintenance since a long time, there are places where the subway runs on the ground and the railway passes under it. The railway that intersects complicatedly is a symbol of developed railway network in Tokyo.

The above video is the state of the railroad near Ochanomizu station. There are many places where there are multiple routes intersecting in this way in Tokyo like this.