iPhone and Apple Watch can be used as a ticket for the Bullet Train

From the end of September it will be possible to record the ticket information of the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen (Bullet Train) on the IC chip mounted on the iPhone or Apple Watch and pass through the ticket gate. The Tokaido Shinkansen has many users and is expected to become convenient.


Japanese aortic, Bullet Train

The Shinkansen connecting Tokyo and Osaka is a route used by 450,000 people a day, 160 million people a year. Fifteen Shinkansen leaves Tokyo Station in one hour in crowded time such as morning and evening. Fares are cheaper than going to Osaka by plane, and are frequently used by tourists and businessmen. It is what many people wanted to be able to record the ticket information of this bullet train in the iPhone.

The Shinkansen is famous for its accurate time. The delay time per one Shinkansen is 54 seconds. This average value also includes trains arriving several hours behind by disaster, most trains will arrive at the station on time.

Even if the bullet train arrives with a 1 minute delay, the conductor will apologize. Also, customers who complain will come out five minutes behind. Not so many Japanese people are accustomed to the train delay.

Only models sold in Japan

Apple Pay in Japan is different in method from USA, UK, Australia etc and shares a system with prepaid card provided by JR East. Only iPhone and Apple Watch sold in Japan are compatible with this system. Because it uses this function also on passing through the bullet train ticket gate on the iPhone, it can not pass through the ticket gate of the Shinkansen in models sold abroad.

In order for tourists from overseas to use the bullet train without ticket, it is necessary to purchase the Suica card and register the card identification number on the JR Tokai website and use it. It is a little troublesome, but if you frequently use the bullet train, it is more convenient to register.