Tokyo has been raining for 19 consecutive days

There is a short rainy season in Japan before the summer. A hot summer will come after the rainy season of about one month in the average year. It was thought that a hot summer will come to Tokyo after the rainy season is over.


Extreme weather since 1977

In Tokyo, rain is observed everyday from August 1 to 19. It is not raining all day long, but it is raining everyday. It has been raining since August 1997 for 19 consecutive days in August. The continuous rainfall record in Japan is 130 days recorded in Aomori city. Despite this abnormal weather in Tokyo, it is difficult to update this record.

According to the current weather forecast, this record is expected to grow about two more days. Currently, it is raining every day for 29 days in Sendai City, located about 220 miles north of Tokyo. Summer does not come in the eastern part of Japan, it can be considered that the rainy season continues.

Influence on rice harvest

Tohoku region and Hokkaido where weather defects continue are rice production areas. This area is responsible for about 35% of the rice production, and concerns that poor weather may affect rice production.


Japan is 100% domestic production of rice except for processing for political purposes. But if the crop is terrible, the government will import rice. The Japanese Government imposed imports of rice because of the shortage of yield due to bad weather once in 1993 (The cause of abnormal weather was the eruption of Pinatubo volcano in 1991). At that time a large amount of rice was imported from Southeast Asia.


However, the varieties of rice produced in Japan and Southeast Asia are different, rice in Southeast Asia was not accepted by consumers. If rain continues until September of harvest season as it is this year, there is a possibility that the yield will be insufficient.