Can eat low price SUSHI at Conveyor Belt Sushi Shop

A typical Japanese cuisine, sushi, can be enjoyed at about 1000 yen per person if you go to a cheap store. The majority of cheap sushi restaurants are Conveyor Belt Sushi Shop.

conveyor belt sushi

Order on LCD screen

A lot of sushi rolls on the belt conveyor at the conveyor belt sushi shop. You can eat sushi on the belt freely, count the number of dishes you ate and calculate the price. There are also many shops where you can order sushi not on the belt from the LCD screen.

The price of cheap conveyor belt sushi restaurant is unified with 108 yen per dish. Even a conveyor belt sushi shop with relatively high prices is set at about 120 yen to 500 yen per dish depending on the type of sushi. In a shop where one dish is unified to 108 yen, even if four people eat until full, the charge is about 5,000 yen. By the way, if four people eat at a luxury sushi restaurant in Ginza, it will cost more than 100,000 yen.

Variety of assortments

Traditional sushi is made from raw fish. But the conveyor belt sushi restaurant menu is abundant. Raw ham, meat rope, sausage and omelets are also used as sushi ingredients. Also foods that can not be eaten at traditional sushi restaurants such as ice cream and fruit are offered.


As a result, conveyor belt shops are popular with families with small children. It is crowded during Sunday daytime and may be kept waiting for over an hour. Recently, reservation applications to avoid this congestion have appeared.


In addition, a part of the conveyor belt sushi restaurant has an LCD screen that can display English, Chinese, Korean. Since sushi and drinks and dessert can be ordered on this screen, tourists from overseas can enjoy conveyor belt sushi. English website of conveyor belt sushi shop that open stores across Japan.