Held the largest MANGA book exhibition and sale in Tokyo

The largest cartoon book exhibition and sale is being held in Tokyo from August 11th. Although most of them produce and sell comics are amateur writers, the level of the work is very high.


Kyo-Machi SEIKA

150,000 people participate per day

The exhibition and sale Comic Market will be held on a three-day schedule. More than 150,000 visitors come to the venue everyday for these three days and purchase the desired cartoon magazines. Many comic books on sale are parodies of famous works, and the author competes for how to make creative works while preserving the original image.

The above movie is a queue waiting for entrance just before the opening. The crowd is skillfully guided by volunteer staff. The staff are accustomed to management, and let the tens of thousands of visitors enter without accident. This queue lasts about 4 hours and lasts for 3 days every day. Still this line is part of the comic market venue.

Problem and the Tokyo Olympic Games

A comic market is being held at Tokyo International Exhibition Center. This venue will be the press center of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and Comic Markets can not be held three times including the preparation period.


Some of comic books sold at comic markets also include radical depictions. Selling this extremely depictive comic may conflict with local ordinances and it is difficult to find other venues.

There are few numbers of exhibition halls that are so big outside Tokyo. However, except for Tokyo, regulations are severe and it can not be held. The problem of where to hold Comic Market during the Olympic Games has yet to be solved.