Rumor that the Apple Store will open in Kyoto

Apple has only 7 stores in Japan. Moreover, Apple closed Apple Store Sapporo last year, Apple does not appear to want to actively increase the number of stores in Japan. However, Apple is expected to be exploring the new store.


Started recruiting in Kyoto

Apple is starting to recruit employees working in Kyoto on their site. Sales staff is being recruited and it is speculated that in the near future Apple will open a directly managed store in Kyoto. If Apple Kyoto opens, it will be the eighth store in Japan since Apple Omotesando in 2014.

Starbucks Coffee Japan

Starbucks Coffee in Kyoto

Kyoto is designated as a World Heritage by a temple with a history of hundreds of years to over a thousand years, and it is also a city with old townscapes. If Apple makes stores in Kyoto, many people are paying attention to what appearance it will be. The Starbucks store that opened this year in Kyoto has renovated traditional Japanese houses 100 years ago. Many people expect this store to be created in this way.

Apple Store in Japan

Apple Store Omotesando

There are 7 Apple Store currently in Japan as mentioned above. Three of them are located in Tokyo, the rest are opened in Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka. Although it is opened in major Japanese cities, the number is overwhelmingly small. As a result, home appliance mass merchants with stores in all over Japan are taking over sales and support of Apple products.

Apple Ginza is also famous as the first Store to be opened outside the United States. In 2003, when iPhone and iPad were not released yet, Apple built the first foreign store in Tokyo. Even so, the popularity of Apple in Japan was frightening at the time, and at the time of opening, 5000 people became exciting enough to make a queue.

By the way, the first line on the opening day of Apple Ginza was the Americans who came from California.