Summer vacation for Japanese Workers only 6 days

It is said that Japanese work well. It surely works every day from early morning until late at night, with few days to rest. In contrast to European workers taking a long term summer vacation, Japanese take an average of only 6 days off.

rush hour

Companies closed all at once

In Japan there is a custom of returning home in the middle of August, many people are still absent from work at this time. People who go home, people going on the trip, people who take a slow tiredness, how to spend the holidays vary. At this time, many companies except the retailing industry stop their business.


But the vacation is short, Japanese workers return to work on average 6 days. When the summer vacation ends, the workers ride the commuter train as usual, heading from the crowded station to the office.

The above video is a picture of the morning at Shinagawa Station, one of the busiest stations in Japan. This congestion lasts steadily from about 7 in the morning to around 9.

Overtime without remuneration

Japanese people are famous for work until late night. However, many employees have not received excess wages. Companies do not pay overtime work to maintain performance and employees do not object to it.

over time

If workers protest, he will be dismissed or appointed as a shredder clerk. Insane customs that I can not believe are advanced nations are deeply rooted in Japan. Many people are dissatisfied with this condition, but it is not easy to change the practices that have been going on in Japan for decades.

Just recently, management has come to understand that long hours labor hurt the health of employees, lower motivation, lower productivity. For that reason, long-term labor which wages are not paid little by little is going to decrease.