Summer has come to Tokyo!

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced in Tokyo that the rainy season was over. In Tokyo, when the short rainy season ends, full summer is coming and a very hot day continues. Tokyo citizens suffer from the muggy climate peculiar to East Asia for the next couple of months.


Discomfort index

In Japan, weather index called discomfort index devised in the United States 60 years ago is commonly used. It is an index derived from mathematical expressions from temperature and humidity, and it is said that most people feel uncomfortable if it exceeds 80. This discomfort index exceeds 80 every day almost in the summer of Tokyo.

The heat of Tokyo is harsh for travelers coming from North America and Europe. Also in Japan every year people lose their lives due to summer heat. This is also due to the high humidity. And in this hot weather it hits the typhoon. Typhoons come to Japan with low air pressure generated in the tropical regions on the air current. It brings heavy rain and windstorms, causing many damage. Summer in Japan is harsh.

Fireworks and stalls and fireflies

fire works

This hard to spend summer day also gets cooler a little after the evening. Therefore, Japanese enjoy summer nights. Fireworks festival is held everywhere in summer nights, and it is crowded with many people. At the summer festival, stalls are opened at night, and many people gather for the shade ice and beer sold at that stall.


Protection activities of fireflies symbolizing the summer night in Japan are also active. For fireflies, activities to restore rivers close to the natural state and to remove pollution have spread all over the country. Firefly that fly in the dark night is an element that enjoys Japanese summer nights.