Expressway in central Tokyo, Day and Night figure

Tokyo is a city that was planned in the Middle Ages and cities were completed in modern times and expanded chaotically. Therefore, the road extends radially from the center toward the periphery. Moreover, because the population is dense, the road width is narrow, and in modern times when it became a car society, it is a cause of traffic congestion.

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Traffic congestion in Tokyo

Traffic congestion in Tokyo is serious just like big cities around the world. The road is thin, there are many cars, there is no day when the main road does not get crowded in the morning. Also, due to the influence of old business practices in Japan, the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th of every month are the settlement day of intercompany transactions, and on the day many commercial vehicles run around for collection is there. If it rains on these days, road congestion will be at a very serious level.

Constructions that broaden the road width are intermittently implemented in order to solve this traffic jam, but the fundamental solution has not been reached. Also, a toll highway was built in the center of Tokyo, but it has not been able to solve traffic congestion on ordinary roads. Frequent highways are often congested, but airport buses that require scheduled operation to reach the destination relatively smoothly compared to ordinary roads often use the capital highway.

During the daytime on weekdays, Tokyo citizens call the Metropolitan Expressway, which is often congested, the capital slow road.

Illegal race on the Metropolitan Expressway

Unlike the daytime on weekdays, at the late night of the weekend, there are relatively few users on the Metropolitan Expressway. Using that vacant road, illegal races are sporadically held. Of course, if caught, drivers license will be forfeited and imprisonment of 2 years or less or a fine of 500,000 yen or less will be imposed. And once the accident happens, the driver may die. However, young people who participate in the race seeking a thrill are not ruined.

The capital highway has an annulus of 14.8 km per lap, which will be the venue for illegal races. Fast cars (mostly illegal remodeling is done) will run this road in about 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The average speed is close to 200 km, and it is a dangerous race that runs at a reasonable speed on a road that normally runs at 60 km / h.

The police are actively cracking down the race, and the police station which jurisdicts the expressway is equipped with a specially designed police car to catch the high speed running offenders. As a result, the police succeeded in arresting many illegal race participants last year.