Japan and Japanese supported by the Rain

A lot of people live in a narrow country in Japan. The area of Japan is smaller than the state of California, where people as much as Mexico live. The benefits of the rainy climate are great for many people to live even in a narrow country.


Essential rain for rice cultivation

In June, July corresponds to the rainy season in Japan. In many years rain falling in Los Angeles only in June and July falls to Tokyo. This rainwater has been used for rice cultivation since ancient times. Because of the rain and the high harvesting efficiency of rice, Japan has become a place where many people can live long ago. Today, 60% of Japanese foods are imported from overseas, but since only rice is handled specially, almost 100% is domestic.


Rain at this time is also important in urban areas where agriculture is rarely done. If it does not rain a lot during this time, there will be a lot of water shortage in the summer. It will rain by typhoons to eliminate the shortage of water, but typhoons carry not only water but also disasters. Therefore, rain in June and July is important for securing stable water.

Japanese have an umbrella

Foreign tourists are surprised that many Japanese umbrellas. Children, young people, adults, old people, men and women all have umbrellas. The Emperor and the Empress also put an umbrella on their own. In Japan it is widely believed that it will catch a cold if it gets wet with rain, and Japanese people have a tendency to dislikes getting wet by rain.

Sankei Shinbun

Some people do not wear an umbrella, but that person is a person who has left an umbrella somewhere. In most cases, people who do not have an umbrella will buy an umbrella of 500 yen at a convenience store and have an umbrella. On the rainy day scrambled intersection in Shibuya many people pass each other with an umbrella.

Because everyone is accustomed to umbrella, there is little that the umbrellas will hit each other. Just as rain stops, the umbrella is forgotten. The umbrella is often forgotten by train, and JR East alone delivers 300,000 umbrellas a year as a forgotten item.