at Friday, the Work ends at 15 o’clock, Promotion by the Japanese government

The Japanese economy has been plagued by weak consumer spending for over 20 years. The government has not been able to implement effective policies all the time, and the economic situation has been getting much worse. Finally, the Japanese government decided to invite consumption by advocating the work time of Friday at the end of the month to 15 PM.


Premium Friday???

The Japanese government has named the last Friday of every month Premium Friday since February this year, and the workers decided to finish work at 15 PM. The Japanese government hoped that consumers will spend money on eating and drinking, traveling and shopping, and that the economy will turn better as a result of this effort. It also aimed to resolve the dissatisfaction of workers that daily work hours are too long.

Premium Friday

Premium Friday logo mark

However, there was concern that few companies could participate in the premium Friday system before implementation. There are only a few industries that can finish work at 15 PM and employees of retail stores and restaurants can not participate in this effort as well. As a result, Premium Friday has not settled at all. May 26th was the 4th Premium Friday, but few people said this word anymore.

Crowded downtown Friday

Downtown streets of big cities such as Tokyo flood with lots of people on Friday evening. In a restaurant, there are cases where it takes extra charge only on Friday night. There are more people in Kabukicho, the biggest downtown area in Tokyo, and we enjoy our weekend.

The above video is a state of Friday night in Kabuki cho. Many people come to this town for play. Recently the security of Kabukicho has improved, but there are many restaurants that still charge for outrageous charges. When visiting Kabuki cho by sightseeing, do not go to a restaurant to be taken by a guideer who calls out on the street.