In April 2017, The number of Foreign Tourists reached a Record High

The Japanese government announced in April 2017 that 2,579 thousand visitors from overseas visited Japan. This is the highest number ever seen on a monthly basis, and it has become a figure that has exceeded 300,000 so far.

Suitable for sightseeing in April

April is very beautiful in Japan. Also, because it is not a Japanese vacation season, prices of hotels and aircraft are relatively cheap. As a result, many foreign tourists visit Japan. The most cherry blossoms Japanese people love in April, which seems to be attractive for foreigners as well. Although only Japanese people did cherry-blossom viewing so far, incorporating cherry-blossom viewing sights into sight-seeing tours is also increasing.

Many tourists are visiting Japan even in May. Tourist spots popular among foreigners, such as the Tsukiji market and the scrambled intersection of Shibuya, are not unusual for foreigners to have more cameras than Japanese people. Many foreigners are visiting Starbucks where you can see the scrambled intersection from morning till evening.

Rainy season in June

Unlike in April and May, June is not very suitable for sightseeing in Japan. In June, many areas other than Hokkaido will be in the rainy season. The day of fine weather will be fewer, rainy days will be more. In the second half of the rainy season, the heavy rain has increased, and floods are damaged every year. Railways and airmail services are sometimes canceled, which is not a comfortable tourist season.

The rainy season in Japan ends in mid-July, but when it is over, a steamy day unique to the East Asian region continues. Just a change in climate is also one of the attractions of Japan, there are ways to enjoy that change as sightseeing.


fire works

Hydrangea blooms beautifully in the rainy season, and the hydrangea festival is held in various places. Fireworks festival will be held in various places after the sunset that makes it easier to spend in a sultry summer. These events can be enjoyed even by foreign tourists who are not familiar with the climate.