The huge Moat surrounds the Imperial Palace

In the center of Tokyo there is a huge palace. Even now the Emperor and the Empress live here and the office of the staff who supports their lives and offices is in the palace. This palace is isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city surrounded by the huge moat, and the interior of the palace is kept quiet.


Reuse Edo castle

The palace where the current Emperor lives was a castle where the Shogun lived during the Edo period. In the political change 150 years ago, the general was driven by the leadership position, and Japan became a nation centered on the Emperor. At that time, the castle where the general went politicized was taken over as the palace of the Emperor. This is the current Imperial Palace, and a huge moat is a remnant of a defensive facility in Edo Castle.

The width of this moat is as wide as 70 yards. Thanks to this wide moat, the interior of the Imperial Palace, which is the most noisy area in Tokyo, is very quiet. Amidst this silence, the Emperor is as a symbol of the integration of the Japanese citizens as being a step away from secular power.

One lap 5 km perfect jogging course


The circumference of the moat of the Imperial Palace is just 5 km. Also, the surrounding roads are maintained and pedestrians can walk around without disturbing the signal. In addition, parks and restrooms are set up in various places, and many jogging enthusiasts are running here in search of this excellent environment.


The jogging course located in the middle of the biggest office town in Tokyo is a lot of runners gathered at the end of the work. Many people jog before work and lunch break. The area around the Imperial Palace is the most famous jogging course in Japan.

People trying to cross the moat

The moat of this Imperial Palace looks like an obstacle that some people want to overcome. About ten years ago, there were cases that foreign tourists tried to invade the palace by swimming the moats. There seemed to be no violent background, but many policemen acted and he was arrested. He resisted policemen without putting on clothes, so he became a big topic. However, in the end it was reported that he returned to the country without being charged.

over the moat

Not only he but also a lot of people arrested and protected by the police trying to swim the moat to enter the Imperial Palace (there are also foreign tourists who drowned and died). They are arrested by police officers for crime of building intrusion which is a general crime. The current Criminal Law does not treat the Emperor as special as it used to in the past, even if it is proved prosecuted and it is guilty of being imprisoned for not more than three years or a fine of not more than 100,000 yen.