Overall length 320km, Tokyo subway is complicated strange

Subway is indispensable for movement of Tokyo central area. It is also necessary to go from the suburbs to the city center, but it is convenient for short distance movement in downtown area.

Continue to develop from 90 years ago


The Tokyo subway started with opening in the section of 2 km 90 years ago. It was a short section connecting Ginza and Asakusa, but there is no doubt that this subway is the first step in the development of Tokyo today. At that time, this line was the first subway in the Asian region.


Tokyo metro history : Wikipedia

Tokyo, which suffered great damage during the defeat of World War II, quickly recovered from the 1950s to the 1960s, and at the same time the maintenance of the subway advanced at a stretch. Most of the routes are completed within the 20th century, but there are still a number of routes with extension plans.

Two railway companies

Tokyo subway is operated by two administrative bodies. One is Tokyo Metro, which is a corporation, and the number of passengers using this company line is the largest in the world by subway. Although the travel distance of the subway in New York exceeds 1,300 km, the number of passengers getting on and off is about 5.6 million per day, which is less than the 6.5 million people in Tokyo Metro.

Ginza Line Shibuya Station 53 hours Construction to renew the track

Another is the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Subway (Toei Subway). The metropolitan lines supplement the route that it is difficult to obtain profitable as a public transportation system even if it is maintained by Tokyo Metro.

Still it is a huge transportation system used by about 2.5 million people a day. While the merger of Tokyo Metro and Tokyo Metropolitan Subway is constantly debated, the cumulative debt of the metropolitan side is stagnating the plan.

Trauma of the Toei Subway

Because the Toei Line is a line like a hole filling in the Tokyo Metro, the profitability is low. For the construction of the Toei Oedo Line which is the newest route operated by the Transportation Bureau, the vehicle is reduced to save expenses and the cost of tunnel drilling is saved. Still, due to redemption of construction costs, the Oedo line is still in the red.

Toei Oedo Line (Hikarigaoka Nerima)

Tokyo Metro is a good company, but the metropolitan subway has many cumulative obligations (about 300 billion yen), which is a big problem in considering the finance of Tokyo metropolitan suburbs. For that reason, mergers with Tokyo Metro are frequently being examined, but it is not easy to realize. The Tokyo Metro shares are held by the Japanese government by 53.4% and the rest are owned by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. As a result, Tokyo Metropolitan Government can exert a strong influence on the management of Tokyo Metro.

However, the political speculation including the national administration seems to be another place.