500 thousand people paid the train fee with Apple Pay in Japan

Apple Pay supports payment of railway, subway, bus, taxi in Japan. Apple Pay is available primarily for metropolitan transportation, and Apple has announced its earnings announcement that its users already reach 500,000 people.


Only models sold in Japan

Only Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2 sold in Japan by railway ticket gates are available, so this convenient ticket can not be used on iPhones brought in from overseas. This is because the standard of NFC used in Apple Pay in Japan and Apple Pay in USA, Australia, UK etc is different.

Japanese Apple Pay standard is called NFC-Type F, and the settlement is completed within 0.2 seconds after touching the payment terminal. Thanks to this, the passengers can pass through the ticket gates so that they will flow even at the crowded Tokyo station.

Most of the people who pass the ticket exam with the above movie are using IC cards and smart phones equipped with NFC Type-F. Japanese Apple Pay imported the IC card system issued by the largest railway company into the iPhone as it is. Therefore, it is thought that many users could be secured.

Tourists can also conveniently purchase IC cards

In Tokyo sightseeing, IC card (Suica) issued by JR East is convenient. If you purchase one sheet you can deposit money and use transportation. You do not have to buy a ticket at the station each time. Also it can be used not only for JR East Japan but also for other railroad company lines, subways, buses and taxis.


Furthermore, Suica can be used for settlement at convenience stores, supermarkets and fast food stores, so there is no need to carry as much cash as possible. In Japan, credit card usage rates are low, and prepaid cards such as Suica are frequently used.

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In addition, after using the IC card, if you set the balance to 0 and then return it, the deposit payment (500 yen) paid at the time of purchase will be refunded. It is necessary to process at the station counter, but it is refundable with a very simple procedure. If there is a balance in the card, the fee is deducted and the balance is refunded.