Ohanami party held in various parts of Japan

Cherry blossoms are finally becoming full bloom in Tokyo. Japanese people are sensitive to the period when cherry blossoms are blooming, and they will fidget just a few days later than usual. This year, the time to be in full bloom for a week is too late than usual, and the citizens of Tokyo were also frightened. The cherry tree is finally in full bloom, and in Tokyo, parties are held under the cherry blossoms.


Ohanami party

Holding a party under the cherry tree is a tradition that lasts about 300 years in Japan. Originally Japan is open-minded about drinking outdoors, but during the cherry-blossom viewing season it becomes more tolerant. Many people drink alcohol under the cherry tree, get drunk, make fuss. It is a seasonal landscape and is accepted by society.


A cherry-blossom party is held even in public parks, the administration will set up extraordinary trash cans, toilets, and place security guards. For people who come from a country where drinking or drunk outdoors violate the law, this scene may appear strange.

Events welcoming newcomers

Japan will start a new year from April. Many new entrants come to companies and schools at this time. Ohanami is often done as a welcome event for them. It is roughly college students who are cherry blossoms since daytime. Often it also serves as a welcome party for freshmen who newly entered university.

As in the above video, workers who do cherry-blossom viewing after finishing their work are spread out with plastic sheets. They also do a welcome party for new employees at cherry-blossom viewing.

Recently there are professional vendors to secure the place of cherry-blossom viewing. The dealer may not only take place but also prepare dishes and sake, and even clean up. Traditional parties are also becoming rational.

From early April to May, cherry blossoms are blooming, cherry-blossom viewing is held even in Japan.