The problem of Tsukiji Market which got stuck

Tsukiji central wholesale market is famous as a market where marine products are gathered and traded from all over Japan. Many people came to visit from abroad after opening the door to tourists as well. However, this Tsukiji market is getting drowned.


Whether moving or maintaining the status quo

Over 80 years since the completion of the Tsukiji market, evils of aging have come out in various places. As a result, the Tokyo metropolitan government has proceeded with planning relocation to Toyosu, and a new market has already been completed. However, it was reported that the relocation destination soil was contaminated, and the relocation plan took a slug.

Koike Yuriko

Tokyo Governer

The current Tokyo governor is cautious about relocation and the problem is complicated. Also, fraud is suspected when acquiring the land of the new market, and the problem of the Tsukiji market is getting drowned. However, pollution is minor and there are similar pollution problems also in the current Tsukiji market, so many people think that they want to advance the relocation plan.

Tsukiji as a tourist spot

Marine products are gathered from the whole country to the Tsukiji market, brokers mediate this product, and are sold to retailers and restaurants. The broker has a store in the venue and sells the goods purchased by the merchant. Customers can also purchase ordinary customers at this store, but it is necessary to protect commercial practices among the vendors.



In addition to this there are shops in the Tsukiji market. The cafeteria where the brokers had been eating, the stores that had purchased knives to cook fish, these are now released to tourists as well. As tourists can visit, these stores also play a role as a souvenir shop.

The first part of the above video is a souvenir shop and a dining hall for tourists. The second half is a store of brokers who finished business in the morning. There are few items remaining after 10 a.m., but tourists can also purchase fish at this store.

Aging market Tsukiji

As you can see from the movie, the aging of the Tsukiji market is serious. Garbage is piled up in the market that should be clean, the water overflows due to leakage, and the person and the trailer for cargo handling are approaching. This situation seems to be a problem by many market stakeholders, and it triggered planning the relocation of the Tsukiji market.


Many people who do business in the market were positive at first for relocation. However, concerns about pollution at the time of relocation, as well as distrust of contamination information being hidden have overlapped, and now, more and more companies are opposed to relocation. Solving this problem is quite difficult, but the Tsukiji market will continue to be tourist spots until the problem is resolved.