At the end of March, Tokyo has a Cherry Blossom season

Japanese love cherry blossoms. The Meteorological Agency predicts the time when cherry blossoms will bloom using taxes, and Japanese people are thrilled with this prediction. Not only that but also news programs and newspapers can report in detail every day the cherry blossoms in bloom. And many Japanese are looking forward to the cherry blossoms when they hear the forecast.

Part of the landscape of Japan

Cherry trees are planted anywhere in Japan. Park in the street, side of the track, shrine, temple, school, house garden, grave. Cherry blossoms make impressive flowers bloom at each place.

These videos were taken by cherry blossoms in Tokyo, respectively. There are many sights in Tokyo in addition to this.

Because cherry trees are breeding with grafting, genetic differences are small. Therefore, they flower all at once and are scattered all at once. In its appearance, Japanese people may overlap their lives, and the cherry blossoms have an influence on the Japanese view of their lives.

Ohanami party

Japanese people are not just learning life from cherry blossoms. Japanese celebrate the coming of spring and hold parties (Ohanami Party) under the cherry tree. Originally Japan is a country that is tolerant of drinking. Still drinking in the park that is usually despised is often allowed as a cherry blossom viewing (Ohanami Party).


The time when cherry blossoms bloom overlaps with the start of the school, the government office, and the company s new fiscal year. Therefore, it is common to hold a welcome party of newly-joined members under the cherry tree. Recently, there are an increasing number of tourists who are going through the party for sightseeing, and it is becoming an event that people overseas can enjoy.