36,000 runners joined the Tokyo Marathon 2017

The 2017 Tokyo Marathon was held on February 26. Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) won the favorable record of 2 hours 3 minutes 58 seconds. But he alone is not the main character of the Tokyo marathon.

tokyo marathon

Runners are chosen by draw

The Tokyo Marathon is a very popular competition as it is possible to enjoy a marathon while receiving support from many people around Tokyo center course. As a result, about 300,000 participants wish to attend in the participation frame of 36,000. Participants are chosen by lottery, but it is very difficult to win.

Many of the participants in Tokyo Marathon aim for their target time. Runners running with the participants keeping the pace to be able to finish in 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours. With this pace runner even beginners can be able to run 42.195 km with conscious pace. Incidentally, the runner who finished within the time limit (7 hours) has reached 96% of the total.

tokyo marathon

these pace runner run 8.5min/km

Policemen and doctors also run

In addition to pace runners, doctors are running with participants in preparation for emergencies. The doctor sometimes calls a runner who looks bad during the tournament. In order to help the runner who caused a heart attack, a clerk carrying AED everywhere is waiting. It is also famous that there was a comedical celebrity saved lives by this AED at the past tournament.


In addition, this competition doubles as a practice for security measures of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. This competition was used for exercises to discover dubious people from the crowd. It was also tried that police officers actually equipped with cameras to monitor the crowd while running a marathon.

Roadside cheering attracts Tokyo marathon

The Tokyo marathon is a course in the city center of Tokyo (Shinjuku, Aasakusa, Ginaza, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Station), and it is also famous that you can go around famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo in a matter of hours if you participate. Besides that, supportive performance is being carried out along the roadside, and it is entertaining the eyes of participants. Immediately after the start, for example, the military band playing cheering music in front of the Ministry of Defense. In addition, cheering teams from various places support the participants along the roadside.


Besides invited players, foreigners can also join the Tokyo Marathon. More than 6,000 foreigners are participating in the convention in 2016. Many are foreigners living in Japan, but many foreigners come to Japan for this purpose.