Three faces of Nishi-Shinjuku (Tall buildings, Yodobashi Camera and pubs)

Shinjuku, the biggest city in Tokyo, has many features. Places where high-rise buildings are dense, old little pubs lined up, alleys with many suspicious shops, areas where high-brand shops gather around high-end department stores, all in Shinjuku.

Home electronics mass retail store, Izakaya, Skyscrapers

Nishi Shinjuku area which spreads to the west side of Shinjuku station was called Yodobashi area long ago. The development of the Yodobashi area was not as advanced as the eastern side of the station, 50 years ago there was a large camera shop near the station, the area around which the small houses gathered closely.

Shinjuku and Fuji

However, in the process of development with high economic growth, the Yodobashi area was redeveloped, old residential areas were reborn as high-rise building streets, and camera shops were reborn as largest consumer electronic retailer in Japan (Yodobashi Camera).

There are a large number of izakaya in the vicinity of home electronics mass merchandisers, and it is a place to relax after the work of those working in skyscrapers. Also in 1990 the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was built in a skyscraper town, also a symbol of Nishi Shinjuku. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office has an observation space, from which you can see the building street of Nishi Shinjuku. The observation room is available for free, so it is also a place where many foreign tourists visit.

The underground of Shinjuku is a labyrinth

From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Nishi Shinjuku to the Isetan Department Store in the east end of Shinjuku, a section of about 1 mile can be moved through only the underpass, without going to the ground. The underpass along Shinjuku station spreads like a mesh and looks like a labyrinth. There are not many places where the underpass has developed so much, even people living in Tokyo can get lost in the underground shopping area of Shinjuku.

A maze spreading underground, a flashy signboard overflowing on the ground, a skyscraper over 100 meters high. These also constitute the multilayered charm of Shinjuku.