Japanese Flowers older than cherry blossoms

At Yushima Tenmangu in Tokyo, plum blossoms will be in full bloom in the middle of February. Plum Festival is held according to the season, and it is crowded with many people.


Representative flowers of ancient Japan

Cherry blossoms are famous for Japanese flowers. As spring comes, cherry blossoms bloom all over Japan, and many tourists visit the sights. But since it is older than Sakura, plum blossoms are popular as Japanese flowers. Nobilities enjoyed flowers of plums from 1300 years ago, and in the Tanka (ancient Japanese poetry) the word flower was a rule that meant plum blossoms.

However, the cherry blossoms were breeded in the Edo period, and the popularity of plums was superseded by cherry blossoms. So in Japan today plum is not as popular as cherry blossoms, but plum blossoms are planted in old shrines.

Tenmangu shrine is plum flower sights

There are many Tenmangu Shrines in Japan. All Tenmangu Shrine is a shrine belonging to Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine in Kyoto, and plum trees are planted in the precincts of many Tenmangu Shrines. This stems from Sugawara Michzane who is enshrined in Tenmangu, liked plum blossoms.


Sugawara Michizane

Mr. Sugawara (AC845-903) was a very good politician, but he was depressed as a political opponent and was released to Dazaifu and was indignantly dead in that place. Immediately after his death, Kyoto was often hit by lightning, and many people feared that many people were a shame of Sugawara Michizane. Kitano Tenmangu Shrine was built to calm that bullshit, which became the beginning of Tenmangu shrine throughout the country.

God of study

Sugawara Michizane was superior in the creation of Japanese poetry and was an excellent politician, so it became to be told that if praying in Tenman at Temmangu, it would be successful at scholarship.Therefore, many worshipers visit during the entrance examination season.

The above movie is Yushima Tenmangu Shrine, which is preparing for plum festival. Most of the ema (prayer card) reflected the movie on the way prayed for breakthrough of the entrance examination. At the end of the video, the figure of a person praying for the examination is reflected.