Automatic Ticket Gate and IC Card to handle Congestion

Automatic ticket gates are installed in most stations in Tokyo. All of them correspond to contactless IC cards. Therefore, if you have this card in Tokyo you can pass through the ticket gate without purchasing a ticket.

seibu shinjuku

Specification that can handle congestion

Performance required for automatic ticket gates of crowded stations is very high. The time required for reading and processing the IC card is specified in the specification within 0.7 seconds. There are many IC cards in Japan that conform to this specification. Many IC cards nationwide have compatibility and IC cards bought in Osaka can also be used in Tokyo.


In addition, the iPhone 7 (7 Plus) sold in Japan is equipped with an IC chip that can respond to this demanding request, and it is now possible to pay the fee by simply holding the iPhone over the ticket gate. Today, automatic ticket gates that iPhone 7 can use are installed in more than 4,000 stations across the country.

The above video is a picture of commuting time at Seibu Shinjuku station. Most of the passengers pass the ticket gate by using the IC chip mounted on the IC card or the smartphone. Even if a train arrives and a large number of passengers are flooded with ticket gates, they can handle it without delay.

Only iPhone 7 sold in Japan can be used

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sold in Japan have their own model number assigned. Because the model number is different, it is thought that the software part is different from the iPhone which is sold in other countries, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus purchased abroad can not be used for paying rail freight in Japan. As a result, tourists from abroad can not pass through the ticket gate with their iPhone.


However, IC cards can also be purchased from overseas tourists. Since it is a very convenient card, you should purchase it if you use railway, subway, bus and sightseeing in Tokyo (or other areas). You can purchase cards at the automatic ticket vending machine, and you can make additional deposits with automatic ticket vending machines or convenience stores as the remaining amount of the card becomes low. (Guide page by JR East)

Besides this, it can also be used for shopping and eating and drinking at fast food restaurants with IC cards, which is very convenient.