The place with a Dark History Engraved, Azabu-dai

Tokyo has been the capital of Japan for about 150 years. However, 50 years was also the era of disaster and war. Azabu-dai in the center of Tokyo still dragged that era.

Home of the military coup


In January 2007, the National Art Center opened in Azabu-dai. The National Art Center consists of a postmodern style main building designed by Mr. Kisho Kurokawa and a small annexe next to it. It is this small annexe which knows the history of this place. The building of the annex building was built using a part of the headquarters building of the infantry third regiment that had been stationed in this place since 1879.

The infantry third regiment became the main force of the rebel army in the military coup occurred in 1936. This coup was led by a group of the army who thought that direct governance by the Emperor was necessary to save poor peasants. However the Emperor was furious with the rebel army shot Ministers and senior officials of the army.


Emperor Hirohito commanded his army to suppress the rebellion, eventually the coup detat suppressed by the rebel army throwing down according to persuasion. With this coup attempt, the mastermind (including executives of the third regiment) was punished and soldiers were forgiven and returned to the former unit. However, the third regiment, which became the mainstay, was punished and placed on the forefront. During the Second World War, the regiment was placed in the northeastern part of China and Okinawa and ended the war in Miyakojima in 1945.

U.S. military took over after the war

stars and stripes

The third regiment headquarters in Azabudai was taken over by the resident forces and placed under the control of the US military. The Japanese branch office of Stars and Stripes and the research center of military technology are still in this place. A heliport is also set up as a military facility. This heliport is not used for military operations, but it is used for transportation between the embassies in the vicinity and the US military dormitory, Yokota base, and Atsugi base.


The heliport at the center of the residential area is having noise problems. Moreover, the flight of a helicopter that is outside the jurisdiction of Japan aeronautics law flies the concern of local residents. Therefore, administrative authorities have appealed for the return of the base for many years. However, the US military is not aggressive against the return of the convenient heliport. This heliport is a place to convey the dark history of Azabudai to now.