Mysterious place name, Ginza Sukiya-bashi

Many old things have been demolished in Tokyo in the process of continuing development. Not only the building but also the sea, the river, the moat were landfilled and the town spread. As a result, the place name is often completely different from the current landscape. Sukiya-bashi is one of them.

There are neither rivers nor bridges

One of major downtown areas in Tokyo is Ginza. Ginza has a district called Sukiya-bashi (Sukiya Bridge). But there are no rivers or bridges in this place. The bridge over moat of Edo castle in 1629 was named Sukaya-bashi, and it became the place name around it. In 1929, Sukiya-bashi was replaced by a concrete bridge. Sukiya-bashi is also famous for becoming the stage of the popular radio drama.

sukiya bashi

However, in 1958 the highway was built by landfilling the moat of Edo Castle, and the bridge was also removed at the same time. So, there are neither bridges nor rivers in this place. Even after the removal of the bridge, the name Sukirya-bashi, familiar to many people, still survives as the name of a nearby intersection.

Sukigaya-bashi intersection


Shibuya is famous at the scramble intersection in Tokyo. However, Sukiya-bashi intersection is becoming a topic as an intersection where interesting scenery can be seen from the roof of Tokyu Plaza Ginza. Tokyu Plaza Ginza is a new building completed in 2016. The scenery of the Sukoiya-bashi intersection seen from this rooftop is a scene which can not be seen elsewhere.

The above video is a movie taken from the roof of Tokyu Plaza in the morning. The sun reflects on the window of Tokyu Plaza, and a unique pattern is displayed at the intersection. This represents the light reflected by the glasswork which is a traditional craft of Tokyo.

tokyu plazza

Sightseeing guests from overseas may also come to see the scenery from here, but it is not yet a place known to so many people. Duty free shops are located in Tokyu Plaza, and Sony Building is also nearby, so it is a perfect place for sightseeing.