The evening Tokyo Tower is beautiful

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo. Tokyo Tower, which was built as a radio tower in 1958, is still popular as a landmark representing Tokyo. The Tokyo Tower often appeared in the movie, and the monster attacking Tokyo surely destroys this tower which is a symbol of Tokyo.

Send radio waves on TV and radio

Even now Tokyo Tower is used as a radio tower. It plays an important role still more in television and radio broadcasting. However, Tokyo Tower has become a more important sightseeing spot. Tokyo Tower has two observation platforms from which you can see all of Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower

Many tourists visit Tokyo Tower every year from all over the world. Many people climb to the observation platform by elevator, but they can rise by stairs. The stairs of 590 steps up to the observation deck are only opened on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and if you climb up, you will receive a certificate with a serial number.

Scenery of Tokyo Tower is famous for Tokyo

Not only is Tokyo Tower popular as a sightseeing spot, it also has a popular appearance that can be seen from various places. In the apartment in Tokyo, the price of the room where the Tokyo Tower can be seen rises slightly. Also the room where the Tokyo Tower can be seen is becoming more popular in the hotel.

The above video is the Tokyo Tower seen from JR Hamamatsucho Station. The Tokyo Tower from this place is also very beautiful, and many people are recording their figure on the photograph.

Besides this, a combination of Roppongi illumination and Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Tower as seen from Zojoji Temple are also famous. Looking for places where the Tokyo Tower looks beautiful is also one pleasure in Tokyo tourism.