The desireful city, Shinjuku Kabuki-cho

Shinjuku is the largest downtown area in Japan, and its center is Kabuki-cho. Kabuki-cho became a burned land in Tokyo raid, but was restored after the war. The original plan that decided the name of the town was to build a theater of Kabuki literally in this place. However, the popularity of Kabuki fell, and a number of movie theaters were built according to the times and became the basis of the development of Kabuki-cho.

A city with many crimes Kabuki-cho

Besides movie theaters, pachinko parlor, bar, massage shop are crowded in Kabuki-cho. However, these facilities brought crime into Kabuki-cho at the same time prosperity. Many shops provided illegal services in Kabuki-cho, many shops became sources of violent organizations, and the security of the area was extremely deteriorated in the 2000s.


As a result, police crackdown was strengthened under the direction of the governor, and the number of crime occurrence is somewhat decreasing. However, it is not yet a city where children can play with confidence. Also in Tokyo, many tourists visit Kabuki-cho for unique scenery, but the city at night is not that safe.

Frequent troubles of restaurants

What is most problematic in Kabuki-cho now is a restaurant offering meals at an outrageous price. Even tourists are stopped on the street, and when guided to a pub, there is a very high risk that an expensive meal fee will be charged. For example, there are cases where a petitioner orders $ 300 for a bad tasting wine in a pub.


Also, though the dishes themselves are not expensive, there are also many examples that are charged with an extraordinary table charge or surcharge. Anyway, it is an iron rule that it does not keep up with those who guide food and drinks in the streets of Tokyo.

Pachinko parlor is a gambling ground


At the entrance to Kabuki-cho is a pachinko parlor with a huge signboard. Pachinko is a gaming being widely enjoyed in Japan after the Second World War, but it is a scene that is unusual for foreigners to have a gambling center openly dignified in the city. However, the pachinko parlor is legally a game hall and it is said to be not gambling.

The pachinko parlor is practically a gaming center, and many customers are playing cash on betting. Even in the above video, a huge signboard of the pachinko parlor appears at the end. There is a bit of courage for tourists to enter the pachinko parlor. Pachinko also has its own unique rules, and it is not something that can be understood immediately. Although it is best to stay only to enjoy the hustle and bustle, some tourists also play hundreds of dollars.