Exhibition reviewing the history of Sony

Although it is famous that the history of Sony began with the development of radio, it is not well known that the product developed next to the radio is a rice cooker. The development of the rice cooker was a big failure, so it was never actually sold, but the experience of this failure became more challenging for Sony’s willingness to develop new products.

it's a sony

Sony is one of the most familiar companies in Japanese

The exhibition “It’s a Sony exhibition” that looks back on Sony’s history is being held at Sony Building in Ginza. Sony Building is to be demolished in March next year, this exhibition was held as the last project at Sony Building, and many Sony fans are visiting.

it's a sony

it's a sony

It’s a Sony exhibition” includes all kinds of Sony products ranging from radio, rice cooker to TV, video camera, walkman, PlayStation, mobile phone, personal computer. The exhibition is composed so that any age Sony fans can enjoy it. Recent Sony has lowered its performance, and Japanese Sony fans have become the center of men in their 50s and 60s, but many young people also enjoy this exhibition.

One of the highlights of Tokyo sightseeing

it's a sony

Not only Japanese but also many foreigners are visiting this exhibition tracing the history of Sony. The corner where the latest Sony products are placed in Japanese traditional rooms seems to be particularly interested by foreigners. The picture in the back of the photo are projected by Sony’s small projector.

It is about five minutes on foot from Yurakucho station (Yamanote Line) to Sony Building. Sony Building is located through the old commercial area in front of the station, passing through the new commercial facilities. Sony Building has been familiar to Japanese people for 50 years as a landmark of Sukiyabashi intersection. The demolished Sony Building will be rebuilt as Sony Park in the coming year and will start carving out a new history.